Projects I’m doing to declutter

In March, I came home for what ended up being a permanent spring break. What I expected to be a week long vacation from school resulted in my school letting me know everyone had to move out of the dorms. I was given a time slot of just a couple hours to pack everything up from my room and cart it all back home, and so I chucked all my stuff into boxes and bags, just wherever it would fit. And then when I got home, my classes had resumed and all the stuff ended up in piles all over my room. For weeks, I kept telling myself I’d get to it when I had time, after my projects were done in school and after I’d gotten settled properly at home or after this and after that. Well, I wasn’t able to focus properly surrounded by all the stuff that was already out everywhere, and I couldn’t imagine unpacking any more things when my room looked like this!

I knew I wanted to clean everything, but I just didn’t have enough motivation to go through everything (after all, the ‘before’ pictures down below look pretty daunting!). Then, I found Marie Kondo’s popular book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. As she talks about how she developed her method of tidying, she talks about cleaning her room after learning new methods of cleaning, which resulted in multiple large trash bags full of stuff. Somehow, the thought of purging my room of so much stuff was so inspiring to me that I found the motivation I needed to go through everything.


For my bookshelf, I moved a lot of the ones I’d read already over to my family’s shared bookshelf rather than keeping them on my tiny shelf, which just didn’t have enough room for all the books. I also decided to give some of them to Goodwill!


The closet was the first section I worked on, but I kept going back to it throughout the whole process to move things around to organize them better. I’m super happy with how it looks, and it’s also so much more functional than it was!


One of the biggest changes I made to the functionality of the room was here at the foot of my bed. I moved my coffee maker to the shelf by the window so that I could move that little table out of my room. I considered getting rid of the shelf, but I decided to leave it and keep it by the window so that my cats can see the view, and so that I have a place to put some houseplants in the future where they can soak up the sunlight!

Overall, I actually had so much fun doing this! It took me about a day to go through all of it, but I kept making small changes over a couple of days. I ended up with three bins full of stuff to donate to Goodwill, which is just as satisfying as I’d hoped!

My bedroom feels so much lighter, brighter, and just so much more open than it did. Everything felt so closed off before, and now it’s easy for me to sit down at my desk and focus on my work without being distracted. It’s easier to fall asleep, because I can’t look around the room before bed and see everything I still need to do. In a sense, my room is much more boring visually, but that’s exactly what a bedroom should be. If a room is too crowded or exciting or stressful, it’s not going to be easy to fall asleep in there!

I hope this post can inspire others to do the same thing! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me anytime! Thank you for reading!

-Anna <3


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