Reality of Decluttering

When I decided to declutter my room (see my Projects I’m Doing to Declutter post!), I had read the first few pages of Marie Kondo’s book, and then decided I needed to go through my entire room before I even finished the chapter.

This is really common for me — I have a habit of reading the first few pages of a self-help book, getting super motivated, writing about it, and then deciding to go try to get as much done as possible without sitting down to even finish the chapter I was on. However, I have yet to finish the book, so if I’d waited to finish the book before decluttering, I’d still be drowning in clutter!

When I went through my entire bedroom, I did almost all of the work in one day because I take meds for ADHD, which make it easy for me to get completely absorbed in what I’m doing. I started probably around 11am, and by the time I had finished the major stuff it was probably around 5 or 6pm. I got so absorbed in what I was doing that I really didn’t take any breaks, even for lunch (which is why I don’t exactly recommend this method of decluttering)!

The next day, after all the major stuff was sorted through, I went through some smaller sections like my dresser drawers that I had missed the day before. Although, after I went through my clothes, I realized that my dresser was just a bit too empty. In the future, I’ll know that having plenty of clothes to pick from is important to me! (Although, I have been considering creating a capsule wardrobe or something of the sort, because I do spend a lot of time picking out my outfits, only to end up wearing a t-shirt and jeans!)

This method is obviously not for everyone, and I really don’t recommend you try to go through everything in one day like I did, unless you’re only going through one room, or if you live in a small place! There are lots of books and other resources out there with different methods of decluttering, like going through each room one at a time. I recommend Francine Jay’s book The Joy of Less if you want a great place to start organizing your home. I also recommend The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo as a place to start changing your mindset about decluttering and minimalism!

Because of my new habit of decluttering and organizing, I’ve been asked to help the other people in my family with their items as well, since my sister recently had to downsize, and my grandparents are about to be moving houses, and need help going through a couple houses worth of furniture! I’ve been having a lot of fun thinking about how I can help declutter even more, and how I can help others improve their spaces too!

I’m hoping to be able to post some more before and after photos of my upcoming projects as well! Let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or comments! Have a wonderful weekend!

-Anna <3

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