Life’s Simple Pleasures

Today, I decided to take things slow and appreciate the small things in life. I feel like I’ve been trying to keep myself constantly occupied, with either completing puzzles, playing video games, or working on something or other. I’ve been feeling like something was missing from my life, and I realized that I’ve been taking a lot of things for granted, and focusing on the things I don’t have instead of focusing on the things I do. While it’s been tough not being able to go anywhere, I realized how lucky I am to have so much available to me at the moment.

I went for a walk today with my dad, and we walked all through my neighborhood, up to an elementary school with a closed playground. As soon as we stepped outside the house, there was a wonderful smell of new leaves and damp earth. Every so often as we walked, the sun would peek out from behind the clouds, and it felt warm on my back. There was a soft breeze, and the birds were chirping loudly.

I realized how lucky I am to have this neighborhood, with its huge trees and calm streets, always there to give me a beautiful place to walk. I also live very close to some public gardens and walking trails, where I’ve been walking a few times. I love walking through trails in the woods, and I’m lucky to have options close by!

I was reminded today of the log cabins I used to stay in at my favorite summer camp growing up. The walls had metal screens at the top that let in the cool breeze, and every night I fell asleep to the singing cicadas all around me. The worn and rough wooden floors felt nice to my bare feet in the mornings. I spent all day running around out in nature, my only regret for each day being that I hadn’t run around even more.

Nowadays, I would like to wake up as the sun rises and sit with my hot coffee by an open window, and watch the world wake up. I could read a book out on the patio, or even just sit there and exist for a little while, without having something to be preoccupied with.

Now is the perfect time to just be. Nothing to distract, nothing to do, nowhere to be.

I’m hoping that I can make a habit of daily appreciations of the small things. Making a note of something that I’m grateful for each day helps me to learn to appreciate these smaller things.

-Anna <3

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