How I’ve been staying busy!

This is going to be a bit of a different post! I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated, because lately I’ve been staying up too late and sleeping in too much. There are so many things I want to do to start reflecting on myself and the world around me, but lately I’ve just been taking it easy! I wanted to share some of the things going on in my life lately.

1. I finally got a decent paycheck, and so I’ve been comparing so many different types of computers to find the best one. While the one I’ve been using for the past four years still works fine for me now, in the fall I’ll be involved in interior design classes and I’ll need to be able to run the computer programs!

2. I’ve also been trying to sort out an apartment I hope to move into in August for the school year. I’m excited to not have to live in a dorm!I’ve also been struggling to pick out the perfect laptop for school, as the one I currently use is over four years old now. While the one I have works perfectly for what I need right now, I’m going to need the ability to run some difficult computer programs in the fall.

3. A couple months back, I took a cutting of one of my mom’s succulent plants, and it’s been starting to sprout tiny little plants!

4. The Last Airbender show was recently added on Netflix, and so I’ve been watching that series for the first time! I’m probably the only person on Earth who hadn’t seen this show already, but if you somehow haven’t seen it, I recommend it 100%.

5. I’ve been spending almost every evening either driving around the city with my boyfriend, or playing games with my sisters.

6. I’ve also been watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. It’s as inappropriate as Cards Against Humanity, but it’s absolutely hilarious! (Let me know any Netflix suggestions you have! I’d love some new shows to watch!)

That’s just about all I can think of right now! Have a good one <3

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