What I’ve Been Reading

Lately, I haven’t been writing as much. I’ve been starting to work on listening more to other people, to my surroundings, and to myself. Partly because of this, I’ve been reading a lot more blogs that are similar to my own so that I can really listen to different perspectives.

So, for today’s post, I wanted to share some links I’ve bookmarked recently. These posts I’m going to share with you are things that have helped me develop my own perspective, or things that I just really enjoyed!

  1. How Analog Supports Creativity — Bullet Journal Blog
  2. The Subtle Power of Minimalism — Nature Based Living
  3. The Art of the “Slow Morning” — SIMPLE
  4. We Have Too Many Choices — Writing One
  5. Thoughts from Lockdown: overcoming the tyranny of the Plain White T-shirt — The Green Mode
  6. To Make Yourself Calmer and Happier, Try Grounding Yourself in Your Body. — Gretchen Rubin
  7. Inside ADHD — Bullet Journal Blog
  8. Reflecting on Your Inner Voice — Bullet Journal Blog
  9. How to Do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reviews, BuJo Style — Medium.com
  10. What to Keep — Be Yourself

I hope these resources can inspire you as much as they helped me!


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