Finding my Place

Do you ever tell yourself that you’d do better in whatever you’re doing if only you had some specific, material thing?

Something along the lines of –

“If only I had this thing, or if I didn’t have to worry about this other thing, I’d be able to do so much more!”

But for me, change in something material – like getting a car of my own, or an apartment of my own – would help me do better, but only for a little while. I know I’d go back to just wishing I had something else to make things easier, and the cycle would continue.

What I do is I rely on changes and things outside of myself to help me in my path, but my path has to start and be sustained by what’s on the inside. By that I mean mindset and determination, and of course discipline, which my APUSH teacher said was the key to life. Although I might not have really incorporated this philosophy completely into my life just yet, I know that if I rely on outside things in this way, I won’t reach my full potential.

I’ve debated a few times whether or not school is right for me – as in, if I should take a year off, or drop out and pursue something else, or if I just need to change my mindset. It could be the wrong school, the wrong time, or just the wrong mindset. I’ve thought about it a lot, and I believe I’m in the right place at the right time, but my mindset has prevented me from embracing the experience here. I have struggled with finding a place here, but I think the important thing is to allow yourself to be as you are instead of trying to fit in.

I know that I just need to be myself and see where life takes me! I want to follow my interests, even if they change a little often. As long as I can keep reaching for my ambitions in life, whatever path I might end up on is going to be a good path for me.

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  1. Mary Brown

    I liked your blog about not depending on outside things to change your experience – it does matter where we are, or what we have, but expecting too much from that just leads to disappointment! How we view what we’re doing really matters – we can dwell on the downside OR look for the positive things to focus on and help turn it into an opportunity instead of an obstacle. I know, easy to say, hard to do, but just practice looking on the bright side!

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