Going with the Flow

Some days I wake up with a plan, and I work on staying productive all day long. Some days are chill days and nothing has to get done at all.

With all the things going on in the world today, I’ve been so grateful for each day that I have. I’ve been realizing just how lucky and privileged I am to have lived a wonderful life so far, and that I am so grateful for every day.

So, some days I feel productive and that’s how I show my gratitude — by making the most of the day. And, some days I express my gratitude by taking things slowly, and just appreciating being in the moment, or doing something relaxing. I’ve had a good mix of slow days and productive days this past week.

I found myself in the garden section of Walmart recently while looking for a Father’s Day gift, and so I splurged a little and got myself a couple new plants as well as some adorable pots to put them in. Having more houseplants makes the whole room feel so much better, and I feel the most connected to nature when I have to re-pot them!

I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, and I love sunsets almost as much as sunrises. I think I share a love of the sun with my houseplants.

Today’s was a short, weird post, but I hope you enjoyed! <3


  1. mellisb43

    Sounds like you’re striking a good balance! It’s so nice to be able to plan your day (or not!) – if you want something fun, check out the wildlifecenter.org and watch the baby bear cubs! Lots to see there – and so relaxing! I’m enjoying being outside on my patio and watching the birds – it’s nice to get outside!

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